German heavy tank Sd.Kfz.182 KINGTIGER
(Henschel Turret)
The KINGTIGERs were the most powerful heavy tanks developed by the German army during World War Two.
They were also called “TIGER II”, and their German number is Sd.Kfz.182 Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf.B.
With their powerful 88mm long-range guns and almost impenetrable heavy armors
the KINGTIGERs were called the strongest tanks during World War II, and posed a great threat for the Allied forces. Up to the end of the war, the allies had not introduced any effective means to counter the KINGTIGERs.

    Realistically Replicated KINGTIGER

    Before the surrender of Germany, only 489 KINGTIGERs were produced. After the war ended, the surviving KINGTIGERs have been waiting quietly in the museum for 70 years,
    waiting for their call of duty.
    According to the full size KINGTIGERs in museums and the production process of original German factory,
    WARSLUG has realistically replicated the famous KINGTIGER tanks as large-scale (1/6),
    remote control, and full metal tank-models. Today the brand new No. 490 KINGTIGER is available with global limited release!

    The Creed of WARSLUG

    To bring consumers an authentic experience of driving tank,
    WARSLUG gathered together the elite of our society at all costs,
    who crossed a major milestone in the history of Chinese industry,
    with the spirit of discovery,
    visionary, and entrepreneurial.

    To make the model as real as the surviving KINGTIGER tank at museum,
    WARSLUG devoted much time, money, and effort to this project:
    obtaining details form Bovington Tank Museum in England, using 3D point scanning technique, etc.

    The Most Advanced Technology

    The KINGTIGER tank model consists of 500 kinds of parts (including 170 kinds of standard parts),
    and the total number of this tank-model is up to more than 7500 metal parts, which takes about 900 hours.

    KINGTIGER mount an 88 mm KwK43 L/71 gun.
    High precision metal gun barrel and muzzle brake with the original casting technology of German factory.

    The highly detailed hull machine gun (7.92mm MG34) not only is made of copper,
    but also can rotate.
    The five fenders on each side of upper hull
    are detachable respectively.
    • Height



    • Length


      1270mm(without gun barrel)

    • Length


      1710mm(with gun barrel)

    • Width


      610mm(without fenders)

    • Width


      625mm(with fenders)

    • Weight


      about 200KG

    Turret can be rotated 360 degrees.
    Main gun can be moved up and down.

    Hull & Gun Recoil Action with Visual & Sound Effects

    Crafted with a modeler's touch

    According to the real tanks in museum and the production process of original factory, WARSLUG has realistically replicated the tanks with every detail.
    Commander's hatch can be opened or closed.
    All the hatches can be opened or closed,
    and can be sealed from
    outside – just like the real tank.
    Rear turret hatch & pistol port have movable and sophisticated parts,
    which are accurately reproduced according to the full size KINGTIGERs in museums.
    The replicated Bosch headlights

    Finely Detailed Parts

    Independent suspension is damped by torsion bar springs, just like the full size KINGTIGER.
    Combined with metal tracks, they provide smooth,
    exciting and realistic maneuverability on rough terrain. The chassis also features duralumin frame, metal torsion bar and die-cast wheels for heightened chassis durability.
  1. All 88 tracks on each side, drive sprockets, idler wheels,
    road wheels are made of die-cast metal.
    The 9 road wheels on each side of chassis, the die-cast metal torsion bars and suspension arms combined with
    wide metal tracks realize smooth running and excellent maneuverability.

    Exhaust gas emission

    Exhaust gas emission is provided with every movement.The puff per minute matches the real engine revolution.

    Controllable taillight

    All lights on the rear panel of hull can be controlled through remote control kit.
  2. Die-Cast Metal

    To embody the unique sense of weight and special texture, the original casting technology was used on some key parts: t
    the method of one-time forming in mold pasting and cold-molding compression, as well as the traditional manual grind.

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